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About Us

About Us

Axis Journeys is a premium travel company renowned for its inimitable services creating a new term in the industry “Personalized Professionalism”. Holiday Planet started off its remarkable journey in the vast travel and tourism industry of the country with the vision to provide people with personalized professional services which make their Dream Holidays a memorable one to be treasured for life time.

Many people dream about travelling outside India or landing on foreign ground, but the apprehension of being cheated, or being safe & secure in the other country, language barriers, and pricey tour packages make them step back. Our MISSION is to provide a hassle free and trustworthy tour to all. We make it all easy and simple for travelers, be it for inbound travelers (foreign tourists coming to visit India) or Outbound tourists (Indian travelers going outside India to visit any other country) Or Domestic travelers (Indian tourists traveling within India).

We have an extensive network of contacts and at the same time a good reputation with suppliers all across India (for Inbound and Domestic travelers) and all across the Globe (for those going to any country outside India). Having a well established network facilitates travel at low costs. Our holiday travel packages offer real value for money. Think about any destination on the globe where you would love to go, and we will get you there. From a budget oriented travel to luxurious holidays, from customized travel to fixed departure groups, from individual travel to a personalized group, from a family holiday to the corporate or Business travel, you will find all services under one roof at Holiday Planet. This is not all, our in–depth knowledge of the industry and wide knowledge of India and international destinations, expert and well experienced staff, transparency in prices and personalized Professional Services makes us No. 1 Travel Company to approach for organizing your holiday tours

Axis Journeys stands for its name and offers you tours around the world, around the planet, be it inbound or Outbound or Domestic. Axis Journeys is not just limited to offering ordinary tour package but also offers you a wide range of services. For details, Please contact the team at Axis Journeys.



We are a specialty tour operator offering intriguing and unique tours for intellectually demanding travelers. Most of our packages are available all year round and can be customised to your specific needs. We have firsthand knowledge and experience with the destinations we feature and have personally approved all the hotels, sights and venues that we offer in our travel portfolio.

Value for money and quality of service are our foremost priorities and we are humbled by our dedicated customers who return to create even more wonderful and different holiday experiences tailored to their specific needs, customizing it further during the tenure of their holiday. We place the holidaying ball in your court.

We understand that people have different tastes and needs, and as such, every tour is different. With this individuality in mind, we go the extra mile to make sure each tour is uniquely memorable. We also realise that for many travelers a certain trip might be the trip of a lifetime, and we want to do our part to make sure the tour is exceptional.